Hello, welcome to my portfolio!

My name is Karl-Heinz Günster. I am a photographer by heart!

A walk along the Ilse
Photo walk on an unusual Easter Sunday
Lights and Colors
Merry Christmas
Architecture photography
At the French Garden
Oldtimer Meeting
Lensball Photography
At the hiking trail
At the funfair
In the engine room
Flowing colors and patterns
In the elevator
Mirror Symmetry (III)
Mirror Symmetry (II)
Mirror Symmetry (I)
Thank You
Museum "Linen factory"
Leuphana Central Building
City Church
Gate in the castle gardens
Traces of life
Fountain in the blur
Colors II
Schön (Beautiful)
Merano (South Tyrol)
The Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle
The Hirzer area (South Tyrol)
Hot-Air Balloon
Blur in the forest
Veins of life
Lost Places
Belvedere over Potsdam
Old book of St. Lawrence
Beauty of flowers
Belfry of St. Lawrence
Street art
Colors I
Mirror symmetry
Grain field
Natural beauty
Mountain streams
Mountain bikers
Ferris wheel
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